Pet Rehabilitation Video Library

Located just to the North of Columbus in Powell, Ohio, the veterinarians, technicians, and staff at Best Friends Veterinary Hospital do our best to provide the utmost care for your dog or cat. If your pet has suffered an injury or is sick, please contact our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. If we are not available and your pet need emergency care, please contact one of these emergency pet care facilities, which are located in Columbus and Worthington.


These pet rehabilitation videos are for reference purposes and not intended to diagnose symptoms of your pet. Please consult a veterinarian care facility regarding the specific symptoms of your dog or cat. At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital we are happy to care for your pet and will do our best to keep your best friend healthy and happy.


Dog Physical Rehabilitation Exercises: Sit to Stand, Passive Range of Motion, Hip Sway Exercise, Alternating Leg Lift, Single Leg Lift


Sit to Stand Exercise for Dogs




Passive Range of Motion Exercise for Dogs




Hip Sway Exercise for Dogs




Alternating Leg Lift Exercise for Dogs




Single Leg Lift Exercise for Dogs




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