Individualized Flea and Tick Control Programs for Dogs & Cats


At Best Friends we recommend using Frontline or Revolution all year round. The reason behind this recommendation is the life cycle of the flea. If your pet has ever had fleas or if you have ever had a visiting pet that brought fleas with it, you could potentially still have fleas waiting to hatch in your home. When your pet had adult fleas on its body, those fleas laid their eggs and the eggs rolled off of your pet and into your carpet. It isnt until after those eggs hatch and the larva change into their cocoon stage that you have an impending problem. These cocoons, also know as pupae, sit in your carpet and wait. They are waiting for heat (furnace) or moisture (dogs sniffing) or movement (pets walking over the area). Once that happens, those fleas emerge from their happy little cocoons and begin your flea nightmare all over again. Also, if you happen to travel outside of Ohio during the winter your pet may encounter fleas while on vacation.



Pet flea and tick control in Columbus, Lewis Center, Delaware, and throughout Central Ohio for cats and dogsFrontline is extremely important during the spring and early summer months to control ticks. Ticks are icky little parasites that transmit diseases to not only our pets but to us as well. Unfortunately, Frontline does not provide a magical barrier against ticks getting on or attaching to your pet, but once they come in contact with the Frontline they will die within 48 hours. Once the tick has died, it can be safely removed without the concern for disease being transmitted. Previously, the ticks that transmitted Lyme disease (Deer Tick) were not in Ohio, but recently they have made their way to the Buckeye State in limited numbers. The Lyme disease vaccine is not something we recommend yet as a routine vaccination, but if you travel with your pet outside of Ohio, you may want to discuss it with your veterinarian. If your pet gets many ticks, or even just one tick during tick season, you may also discuss the possibility of performing a tick screen as part of your pets yearly physical examination. In addition to Lyme disease there are several other diseases that ticks spread that we could detect before symptoms develop.


We do not recommend purchasing any medications from on-line pharmacies. The reasons can be found in this pamphlet provided by the FDA:


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