Dr. Cathy Latimer

Dr. Cathy Latimer, Powell, Ohio Veterinarian near me, at Best Friends Veterinary HospitalDr. Cathy Latimer joined Best Friends Veterinary Hospital of Powell, Ohio in 2004. She graduated from Michigan State University in 1981, followed by internship training in Santa Cruz, California. After her internship, she practiced in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma, including owning her own practice for 14 years. In 2001, she relocated to Dublin, Ohio for her husband’s Columbus Zoo veterinary position.  Dr. Latimer has a special interest in medical acupuncture for veterinarians and was certified in 2012 through Colorado State’s MAV program. After 33 years of veterinary practice Dr. Latimer still loves her work. She enjoys learning new things from and about her patients.


 Dr. Latimer and her husband Mike have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren.  They have two cats, Ned Devine (a shy cuddler), and Sir Arthur (an outgoing lover boy). Their 2 dogs include Dylan, a squirrel crazed mountain cur , and Baloo, a fun loving shih tzu poodle mix.  “Passed” pets have included 120 pound Mack, a singing Great Dane/Lab mix (he sang along to happy birthday), Chi Chi a Dachshund- Chihuahua mix, Smookers a sweet collie mix, Clara a clever lab/blue heeler, and Tweed a smart, laid back Border Collie adopted during the vet school years.  Cats have included Dusty – the gentlest cat ever and numerous “volunteer” barn cats while living in Oklahoma.


Dr. Latimer's favorite hobby is gardening. You can admire her amazing green thumb all throughout the spring, summer, and fall because she brings in beautiful bouquets of flowers to brighten the front desk. Her other hobbies include biking, hiking, scuba diving, and travel.

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